fold-out cards by finch and hare

finch and hareI know it may seem like I am posting a lot for one day but these things just keep jumping out at me and my OCD will not allow me NOT to post them… IMMEDIATELY. Also, maybe don’t tell any of your co-workers about your OCD. Which I did earlier today and now regret. Moving ON…

Finch and Hare (or Finch + Hare, perhaps) has some hilarious cards in their Etsy shop that you’ll have to go see for yourself. I just pulled this one out of the bunch…because SANTA!

Here’s what it looks like folded up…


THAT’S adorable.

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mount royal mint

mount_royal_mintvisit mount royal mint

This shop makes me want to buy felt and make friends. ALL THE FELT.

Today or tomorrow a shipment of crafty craft-making goodies will be arriving at my door. I hope. When I order something online and have it delivered to my house AND it is not stolen I feel like **I’ve** gotten away with something. That’s pretty messed up. The last time I ordered something (3 craft books) it was stolen. Since then, I’ve just had things sent to my workplace address instead. Except last week I checked that little box that says “delivery address same as billing”. What was I thinking?

I am looking forward to feeling victorious when my find my package is sitting pretty on my front step after work today (or tomorrow).

(says little prayer)

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paper and present


I’m skipping Thanksgiving and moving directly to Christmas. I’ve got a lot of work going on right now and, sadly, Thanksgiving will be very short and sweet for me next week.

So, now on to better news and sparkly things; like Paper and Present on Etsy! I cannot express accurately the JOY it brings me to see shops arranged by COLOR. When you visit Paper and Present you will see what I mean. The Holiday Jars wrapping paper is my favorite. I’ve got a bunch of jars and little trees in my office right now waiting for sparkly fake snow and glitter. ALL THE GLITTER.

I’m wicked excited.

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trees 4 the wood


“Grace Gladdish is a mother of 5 with 4 years at art college and a long but often interrupted history of exhibiting her artwork. She runs trees4thewood from her studio on her flower farm in Southern Tasmania”

I stand by my assessment that all things Australian are, by definition, adorable. Grace Gladdish’s Etsy shop, Tree4thewood, supports this theory; and I’ve just announced it on the internet so it MUST be true.

I’m getting more and more into rustic home goods, lately (no doubt, subconsciously preparing for my eventual escape to deep woods/cabin living). Seriously, I have THE WORST hay fever but I’ve always wanted to live in the country away from everything and in a modest cabin with a loft space (sigh), and front porch….(voice trails off wistfully…)

Until then, I guess I’ll just be admiring (and collecting) woodsy paraphernalia… or something like that.

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