from where I sit

Sometimes, while I’m at the day job I have trouble concentrating. The art department is “open plan” with half-walls… so you can imagine things can get loud / crazy (unless I’m out sick or something, ha!).

To help me focus, I listen to streaming music (grooveshark, mostly) and podcasts to keep my brain on task. Currently, my favorite podcast is The Lively Show. Jessica Lively’s interviews (12 so far) are really interesting to me because they include authentic people that I can relate to. Each podcast provides tangible solutions / recommendations and resources for improving, coping, inspiring and creating a life with intention (her site’s main focus) through the perspectives of successful “creative minds” without being too preachy, fluffy, or new-agey.

The people she’s interviewing aren’t sugar coating their experiences in life or business, either. While listening to them, they have all felt like real people that I would enjoy talking with, even if the topic wasn’t about their niche or how they reached their goals in life or overcame their obstacles. And, I’m not even a people person, people!

image via Jess Lively