cat fight


Long story short, I went to the ER last night for the first in a series of rabies vaccinations.

Short story a little longer: I was bitten by I stray cat while walking Mac around the block. The cat went after my dog and I was caught in the middle. Once we escaped, with the help of a neighbor, I noticed my injuries and performed triage; body check on dog, scrubbed my own bleeding areas, peroxide, antibacterial ointment, bandage, freak out, body check dog again…and again…and again.

Spent the next morning trying to get in to see my doctor, got a tetanus shot, antibiotics and a few compliments on my first aid skills. Called the Health Dept. and they said to be safe I’d better go to ER and do the rabies vaccinations (it’s EXTREMELY RARE, they said, buuuuut…..stray cat and all)…actually they told me to go look for the cat and observe its behavior…and I was like “…do they think I’m a fricken cat whisperer or some kinda rabies expert?” I know it’s hard to believe, but I am neither…which means 4 rounds of shots. Apparently the worst bit is the first round (which was last night) and then three more shots for the next two weeks…and sometime in May it’ll all be over with and I’ll celebrate briefly as I will be making my final car payment around that time then swiftly applying those no more car payment payments to hospital bills. Convenient, aye?

I’m not posting images of the bloodied areas (my left calf and left middle finger) because there’s already too much of that stuff on the internet. Trust me, I’m pretty sure I clicked on all the images already, which was completely unhelpful. I’m also not going to talk about how depressing it was to get discharged from the ER and have to go home to an empty house and worry that you’re going to have a bad reaction to one of the 4 things you were injected with that day…or have a heart attack from worrying about all of it – while your family and friends text you their best “rabies jokes” or skip your plight altogether just to complain about how much laundry they have to get done. Literally, they are having some kind of laundry EMERGENCY…hey, I just left the ER…and not one person was standing there with a basket of laundry in a panic, screaming “HELP!! WE HAVE NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR!!” – but, like I said,  I’m not going to even talk about THAT.

I would like to talk about one thing…and that’s SIDE EFFECTS or, rather, the list of side effects that the pharmacy gives you every time you pick up new meds. The list of possible side effects is always absolutely horrifying, right?? Blindness, internal bleeding…actual DEATH. I’m reading this thing thinking “Who wrote this? This is poorly written.” My favorite part was at the end it said something like “possible at the time medication is taken OR MONTHS LATER.”

MONTHS?? What kind of sneaky shit IS this??

Of course I also read up on the initial symptoms of rabies and I could very well have already had rabies before the bite…that cat could of caught rabies from ME…JUST SAYIN’

It’s not funny, I know. It’s serious…I’m taking it seriously…I dragged myself to the ER and rambled on nervously to three nurses and a P.A., pretended to read a magazine (no worries, I brought my own germ-free magazine – note to self: burn magazine) while the lady in the next room screamed in pain, the poor thing (severe laceration to her foot) then I pretended to watch HGTV. I may have prayed, just a little. My blood pressure was a extremely high (147/95) and I was fighting off an anxiety attack, the worst part of the whole ordeal is my anxiety. That’s why I’m telling this long/short story to strangers on the internet. Maybe it will help calm me down and I’ll feel less alone than when I came home from the hospital to nobody. I mean, Mac was there of course, I’m never really alone…I snuggled him a little and did another quick body check (on both of us) before giving up and going to bed.

End of story…for now. I’m totally okay, everything will be alright (deep breaths).

I hope you guys have a safe and relaxing weekend filled with so much clean underwear and zero need of bandages. But maybe you should check in on your own at-home first aid kit anyway and make sure it’s fully stocked…because, you know, stray cats and all