you are loved

Today I spoke briefly with a naturopathic doctor. I’m working on their marketing materials and we were discussing revisions over the phone. She mentioned wanting to translate some collateral into French and we both agreed that it would help broaden her reach to French speaking Canadians. I let her know I’d need her help of course because my French is not so good. She laughed and mentioned that my name is French and it means “loved.” I told her that nobody pronounces my name the “right” way though and she told me something about energy.

She said calling someone by their given name is better for their energy and, conversely, calling them another name (i.e. Bob instead of Robert), or mispronouncing their name, interferes with their energy. Interesting, aye? She promised from now on to always call me Aimée (in French). I have no idea how this all works, but wasn’t that sweet of her to say?

I’ll take all the help I can get, honestly.

My energy – since visiting the ER so many times in 2 weeks and my little beagle’s own health issues – has been, for lack of a better word, waning. I spent the two weeks before the cat fight with insomnia and now it feels like I can’t make it through an email without nodding off a little. To be sure, I’m exhausted by the imbalance of my life. I remind myself that however out of place I feel, I’m really not much different than anyone else. Our lives are not meant to be always simple, or predictable…our lives are meant to be a source of love, of learning lessons and finding a way to make things better. If you’re feeling alone, at least know that we’re all going through this process together.

Always ♡

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