Independent thinking, mildly humorous “designosaur” with an over-developed sense of empathy writes about the human condition and spends most of her time alone, on the couch next to her dog, under a blanket, under a cat. [read: socially awkward and painfully aware.]

For 8 years I’ve kept a blog in some form or another; learning on the job as it were… if talking to yourself on the internet can be called a job…

[insert awkward pause]

Subjects I tend to write about include:  intuition, creativity, compassion, insight, forgiveness, healing, understanding, art and design, pets, photography, the creative process, therapy, small business, DIY, wellness, obsessions past and present…

I speak for myself and those that understand my story because it’s their story too. I speak so that we feel less alone. ♡

Are you a thinker, writer, weirdo, human like me?
If you are, say hello or just cheerfully creep on my blog for as long as you like – I get it. Either way, I’ll be right here. X