kelsey-curtis-1570052-unsplashTHANK YOU FOR SPENDING YOUR TIME HERE.

It’s no small thing, not to any of us – or any living thing, really. So, truly, thank you for taking some of your time and giving it to this space. 

Life lately has been a whole lot…different. Had a baby (at 43!) and now everything is a crazy beautiful perfect and utter mess filled with diaper changes, giggles, tears (sometimes mine) and lots of boogers (so many boogers, guys). Honestly, having a child was not something I thought would ever happen for me so there are no bad days. Every day is the best day.

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Me: Socially awkward, painfully aware (ASD) with an overdeveloped sense of empathy – doing my best to understand and navigate the human condition.

Moth: Nocturnal creature; the moth is ever-vigilant in following its path of light, symbolic of faith, vulnerability, intuition, determination.

Bloom: Flowers and plants, like the moth, are seekers of light. Delicate while resilient, they require a careful balance of nurturing, nourishment, foresight and restraint in order to thrive.


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