yay jasmine


I watched as a tall, thin women dug up her front yard and planted viney plants at the base of a plain, black wrought iron fence. The plants were meticulously spaced and, since I’m not exactly plant savvy, I wondered what would become of them. A few weeks after that an archway was added to the fence and I thought “Oh, that’s going to be so pretty when the vines fill in.”

Wow, that was almost two years ago.

Last weekend I was walking the dog past that same fence and it is absolutely cloaked in jasmine, even the arch. It’s beautiful and the scent smacks you in the face about 18 feet before you reach it. Which is just how I prefer my jasmine, actually.

After we returned from our walk I was thinking about how lovely that jasmine was and I remembered I had soy wax and some fragrance oils in my stash (read: craft hoarder closet). I found sweet orange essential oil, and a bunch of FO’s, one of which was jasmine(yay!), wicks (check!), bases (check!), mason jars (check!).


So good!

The cold throw is strong enough that I can smell it as soon as I walk in the house. I’ve skipped getting myself any bouquets (#b-okays) the last couple weeks (because pollen allergies) but this little candle is an awesome alternative.

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paper trees

My latest paper project is this Stacked Triangle Tree. It was easy, took less than an hour to come together and it’s a pretty versatile project. There are many options for embellishments. You can draw on them with metallic markers (like I did), paint (puffy paint!), spray them with glitter (of course!), or make them sparkle with glue and crystal glitter (Putz style), get out your glue gun and add tiny ornaments or mini pom poms, endless possibilities! Patterned scrapbook paper would also look nice, just use a different, but coordinating pattern for each tier. If you are feeling fancy you can place an LED votive underneath the largest tier (the bottom tier). You’re so fancy.


How I did it:
First, I found an Advent Calendar Tree Box template on the Etsy blog via Pinterest, printed it on cover weight paper then cut it out (viola, instant template ready for tracing). I traced it in three sizes (free template has three sizes) on cover weight white paper.  The thing to note about this “box” template is that I did not add bottoms to my trees (the box closure), they are open on the bottom which allows them to be stacked. I just left that part of the original template off my tracing templates. Before trimming out the trees I decorated them with my metallic Sharpies (silver, bronze & gold). It’s much easier to draw on the flat trees (even before you cut them out) than to try to do it when they are 3-D. To glitter them… or spray them with a texture… fold them into trees first (do a few very light coats when spraying paper). My triangle trees are secured with one strip of scotch tape, very simple. I did not tape them to each other though, the top two tiers can be removed for play (or curiosity sake, I guess).

This would be a nice project to work on with children. The adults can do the hard part of tracing, cutting, folding and taping. The kids can do the decorating and then they can play with the triangle tree forest they helped create!

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I sooooo want to be knitting right now. There’s a few reasons that’s not happening. The first is it’s 80 degrees here in Florida. Happy Christmas! The second reason is I have a kitten that has never seen yarn and two other animals that have (and LOVE to eat it). Third, I’m still prepping things for the new shop and managing my printables shop, and coordinating Christmas shopping/crafting… oh yeah and there’s the day job…

I’m a bit over scheduled.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a break from time to time and “window shop” all the knitty goodness on Etsy. That’s where I found the-most-adorable-cutie-in-a-scarf-evah! Specifically, I found her at Lumi, a UK based shop that sells accessories and childrenswear. This little darling was so cute that I could not resist adding a little snow to finish off her look.

Now, shoo and check out the rest of the shop; I’ve got work to do!

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paper flowers don’t lie


I’m currently obsessed with paper flowers and paper flower tutorials. In the back of my mind I know that creating giant roses for my office and/or living room would also mean creating GIANT dust collectors. But does that mean I shouldn’t create them? It’s a quandry; I’ve always equated decor (tchotchkes) with dust and dusting (i.e. housework).

Mother’s Day has passed but that just means that Father’s Day is right around the corner (EEK!). My infinite “paper flower” searches led me to a few paper dress (origami) tutorials and ultimately to this paper shirt and tie tutorial. Just adorable. I wanted to send a bouquet of paper flowers to my mom this year but ran out of time (as usual) and sent her real flowers. That was probably a mistake… it ended up being a huge flower FAIL.


note to self: do not order online ever again.

The image on the left is what I ordered and the image on the right is what she received (sorry Mom!). I am so disappointed. How did she not get ONE damn rose in her arrangement? Not even ONE…when what I paid for was MOSTLY roses? I emailed a complaint, which I usually do not do but this one was just too much for me to let go. I’m pretty sure the only way to get what you want in a flower delivery is to call the local florist and go from there. Lesson learned.

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read, write, relax

Step 1  |   Arrange pillows on squishy couch to maximum comfiness.

Step 2  |   Make a mocktail or cup of tea (don’t skimp on the honey, honey).

Step 3  |   Remove cat from comfy pillow space he commandeered while you were in the kitchen.

Step 4  |   Relax into squishy couch and commence reading of favorite blogs / shops / whatnot.

Step 5  |   Make notes to self about new project ideas / recipes / future blog posts.

…and here’s a list of what/who I’m reading lately:

craftgawker  |  gallery site with DIY projects from many lovely blogs you’ve perhaps not even heard of.

pinterest  |  no explanation needed – warning: this site is habit forming.

oh joy!  |  I love reading Joy’s design / food / fashion features and her baby girl, Ruby, is ridiculously adorable. I’m looking forward to Joy’s second book: Blog Inc. (set to release this Fall).

pugly pixel  |  Tutorials galore, super generous and honest blogger, Katrina, blogging about blogginess.

design for minikind  |  Erin’s latest addition to her popular blog, design for mankind. Yep, it’s all about her finds for wee ones and adventures in becoming a momma.

the maven circle  |  Jen and Jena help me stay focused on what’s important about being a creative professional: treating myself well in the process. Tomorrow I’ll be participating in the Maven’s Truthy Tuesday with a post about the Work / Life Balance.

J’s everyday fashion  |  Finally, a fashion blog that is both within my budget and not over my head.

creature comforts  |  Ez Pudewa is my favorite blogger. I’ve been following her blog since before I started my own and when I read her posts I feel like I’ve just had a chat with a good friend; warm and fuzzy!

lonny mag  |  Even though they have been around for a while, I still get excited about online magazines. I fantasize about creating my own or contributing to one…(voice drifts off with heavy sigh).

anthology magazine  |  Clean yet expressive design, witty teaser trailers for each new issue…they had me at stop-motion.

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easter parade


Happy Easter! I’ve been playing around with Instagram (now available for Android) and I pretty much LOVE it. Me and the furry kiddles had a lovely day yesterday. I made a bunny cake (carrot!) while they napped. Then we (okay, it was just me) colored some eggs. It was a tad experimental since I was using brown eggs (fresh from the farm, thanks Ronnie!). Then Mac and I made a Dunkin Donuts run and went for a few walks. He ran around the back yard all crazyfaced last night and subsequently got a bath. We slept like babies when it was all said and done. I have a few more eastery crafts to do today but for now I’m off to make some egg salad, (my favorite) and take Mac on a very long walk. This has been the best Easter ever and I have the BEST friends EVER. Love you guys.

Bunny Cake inspired by this post at Silly Bee’s Chickadees