farm fresh desktop wallpaper


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We’re going to get cold weather this weekend in Jacksonville! Below freezing on Sunday according to the news. I’m planning on cozying up with hot cocoa and the furry children, watching Christmas movies and, of course, continuing to move my things from the tiny townhouse to the new house…which I don’t have a cute name for yet. It’s a “flip” house, built in 1975, cinder block and brick construction…my favorite part is that it’s all one floor and of course the new washer/dryer combo we finally got delivered this past week.

Since I was feeling wintery today I decided to whip up some desktop wallpapers. I was eyeing some whitewashed wood “pallets” in the craft section at Walmart yesterday and wished I had the time and space to modpodge this fresh cut Christmas Tree sign before Christmas or even New year’s. (heavy sigh) But it’s just not going to happen this year. I’m seeing these kinds of signs all over Pinterest lately. (extra heavy sigh) This desktop wallpaper will do for now. The office is not even set up yet, to be honest…needs a new desk (ikea to the rescue). I’ve got a temporary desk (ahem, folding table) and internet so I’ll plop this wallpaper on my mac and be glad.

I actually did 2 versions of this wallpaper, the version above is the plain one and then I did a “fancier” one, which I think I may actually prefer, since it’s brighter. What do you think?


click to download 2560×1600 desktop wallpaper

Welp, that hot cocoa’s not going to make itself, so I better git. I hope you have a chance to rest this weekend before the holidays completely take over! ♡


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the sparklies

Just a few short weeks ago I ordered myself this ring from Feather Oak and have been checking every day since for a delivery date! I’m usually not very spendy when it comes to jewelry because…if the tangled ball of bracelets and necklaces that live in my top dresser drawer are any indication…I don’t take very good care of my jewelry.


I’ve also been doing glittery nails for the last couple weeks – glitter is everywhere, especially my hair, because curls are glitter magnets, apparently.

I’ve got a serious case of the sparklies. I see twinkles on the lake in midday and I get out my phone to record them…I’m wearing shimmery pink or gold eye shadow pretty much daily and yes there are sequins on the sweater I’m wearing…rose gold sequins. After I design and print my Christmas cards maybe I’ll dust them with spray glitter.

Whether this new twinkly habit is a distraction or a balm, I can’t know for sure. It’s probably a little of both, but a little sparkle is never a bad thing so I plan to sparkle on!

Have a shiny weekend!!!






the merriest


Only two more sleeps ’til Christmas! We had our ‘Office Christmas’ and, I gotta tell ya, I made out like a fricken bandit. Candles, candy, gift cards, star warsy stuff, homemade goodies, super cute stationery and even some holiday socks (red and green, they say: IF IT’S SNOWING, I’M NOT GOING.)

Total lovefest. Even with all the loveliness, twinges of sadness have been creeping up on me. That’s normal for this time of year, right? Holidays tend to bring up a lot of emotions as we reflect on the good and the not so good.

Don’t even ask me about Episode 7…or I’ll cry all over you (wait, someone actually gifted me some ‘holiday’ tissues…sweet).

Last night I watched Emmet Otter (another awesome Christmas gift) and maybe I felt a bit sad so maybe I opened one of my Mom’s gifts early. Maybe. Definitely. Thank goodness it was a pair of adorable penguin jammies and a blanket. Exactly what I needed. Thanks, Mom.

For the next few days I’m going to take things easy and straighten up the house. After that I am going to plan some new designey projects for 2016. I’m still undecided about whether to revive my Etsy shop or move things over to Society6 once and for all. Of course, I put together a calendar for you (like I do every year). I’ll post it on the blog as a free printable in the next few days.

Until then, Merriest merry to you and all the happy you can stand.  X


holly jolly

2015-cardsAfter my last post (about being a light in so much dark), I decided to make the most of the weekend and get my Christmas cards ready. They are adorable, I am biased of course since every year the card has my dog on it in some form or another. This year the cats also got in on the action and all three of my furry babies are now immortalized in holiday cuteness. I got a little obsessive about the snow placement and the contrast on my Siamese cat’s face/nose (there basically is none IRL) but I love how the cards turned out and I’m excited to spray them with a little glitter and send them off to friends and family.

Happy Christmas, Ya’ll!

Ina Hattenhauer

I love the holiday themed animated gifs over at Hello Heute (illustrator Ina Hattenhauer’s blog). Some of them she paired with songs. For example, the animation below was paired with Baby It’s Cold Outside. Too adorable for words. TOO DAMN ADORABLE.

Visit Ina’s blog for more of her more recent work. She’s wonderful!
(most of blog is in German)

image credits: Ina Hattenhauer

warm fuzzies

It was a fun Thanksgiving holiday! I spent a few days in Tampa at my sister’s house and ate turkey with cranberries, and even some pumpkin pie. My niece, Emma, and I made a gingerbread house, origami stars and pom pom garland. There is glitter on everything. My sister, Rachel, got me a really neat book… Doodling with Jim Henson, I love it.  AND A MUPPET BABIES COMIC (what, I KNOW!)

The dogs ran around the back yard and Mac also lounged solo on the sunny patio. The traffic (5 hour drive) was decent. My car had mechanical issues a week before Thanksgiving so I was a little anxious about my trip, but that little car ran like a champ even when we got stuck for an hour on the highway.

I decorated my tiny townhouse before Thanksgiving so that it would be all Christmassy when I got home from my sister’s house. Last night I made my own paper star ornament and some pom pom garland to hang in the archway that leads to my dining room. The only thing I’m waiting for now is the wreath I ordered a couple weeks ago (school fundraiser). I’ve consumed so much hot cocoa the last few days that I’m afraid my tongue is permanently burned. The weather here is too mild still to call it “winter”. I like it chilly and there are plenty of smooshy blankets at the ready in my closet under the stairs.

I love this season!

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mount royal mint

mount_royal_mintvisit mount royal mint

This shop makes me want to buy felt and make friends. ALL THE FELT.

Today or tomorrow a shipment of crafty craft-making goodies will be arriving at my door. I hope. When I order something online and have it delivered to my house AND it is not stolen I feel like **I’ve** gotten away with something. That’s pretty messed up. The last time I ordered something (3 craft books) it was stolen. Since then, I’ve just had things sent to my workplace address instead. Except last week I checked that little box that says “delivery address same as billing”. What was I thinking?

I am looking forward to feeling victorious when my find my package is sitting pretty on my front step after work today (or tomorrow).

(says little prayer)

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paper and present


I’m skipping Thanksgiving and moving directly to Christmas. I’ve got a lot of work going on right now and, sadly, Thanksgiving will be very short and sweet for me next week.

So, now on to better news and sparkly things; like Paper and Present on Etsy! I cannot express accurately the JOY it brings me to see shops arranged by COLOR. When you visit Paper and Present you will see what I mean. The Holiday Jars wrapping paper is my favorite. I’ve got a bunch of jars and little trees in my office right now waiting for sparkly fake snow and glitter. ALL THE GLITTER.

I’m wicked excited.

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Click here to pay with tweet or facebook post and download this printable.

I’ve got another printable ready for download. It’s a greeting card, folds to 5″ x 7″ and fits an A7 envelope. The card features my little furry creatures a-caroling (but they don’t quite know all the words – and neither do I, to be quite honest). Click below to download and have a good week everybody.

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the animal print shop

Have you visited The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose? I’ve just spent about an hour looking at all the cute animal prints and loved the slide show. There is $5 flat rate shipping for U.S. orders and gift cards are available (great shower gift, right?).

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