warm fuzzies

It was a fun Thanksgiving holiday! I spent a few days in Tampa at my sister’s house and ate turkey with cranberries, and even some pumpkin pie. My niece, Emma, and I made a gingerbread house, origami stars and pom pom garland. There is glitter on everything. My sister, Rachel, got me a really neat book… Doodling with Jim Henson, I love it.  AND A MUPPET BABIES COMIC (what, I KNOW!)

The dogs ran around the back yard and Mac also lounged solo on the sunny patio. The traffic (5 hour drive) was decent. My car had mechanical issues a week before Thanksgiving so I was a little anxious about my trip, but that little car ran like a champ even when we got stuck for an hour on the highway.

I decorated my tiny townhouse before Thanksgiving so that it would be all Christmassy when I got home from my sister’s house. Last night I made my own paper star ornament and some pom pom garland to hang in the archway that leads to my dining room. The only thing I’m waiting for now is the wreath I ordered a couple weeks ago (school fundraiser). I’ve consumed so much hot cocoa the last few days that I’m afraid my tongue is permanently burned. The weather here is too mild still to call it “winter”. I like it chilly and there are plenty of smooshy blankets at the ready in my closet under the stairs.

I love this season!

gallery image credits: © Aimee McEwen , featured photo: DTSF


wrist worms


Crocheted wrist warmers by Sandra Juto, aren’t they sweet? It’s about time for KNIT ALL THE THINGS season and I’m planning on using up ALL my extra yarn. It will be a challenge, but skeins of yarn seem to multiply like bunnies in my craft closet so I have no choice but to use it up.

And, just so you can see what it’s like inside my head, while posting this I’ve been singing “inch worm” – the Danny Kay version from the movie Hans Christian Andersen (gosh, I’m old).

Then, I remembered this from The Muppet Show:

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wet nose, warm heart


I’m finally tinkering around with my camera and taking pictures of my favorite guy. He’s a good model, yes? We’ve got to do something about those nails, though! Yesterday he jumped up on the bed all by himself. Until yesterday he’s only ever been able to do that with a running start. My little athlete. I’ve also had to rearrange some furniture…Mac was using the storage ottoman in the dining room to get to whatever he thought I left out for him on the kitchen table. My little genius.

It was a dreary, rainy day today. My bones knew it before my brain did. I slept until noon. I went and got my laundry done, at least. I have been trying not to take any Motrin. It makes me retain water…which then puts me in a rotten mood. Sometimes you just have to deal with the pain, you know?

Anyway, back to my little model/genius. My heart, who slept beside me on the couch until noon. I am sure he knew I was not feeling great. He has such an expressive face.


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Etsy’s recent featured seller, Pomber, crochets the cutest mittens and fingerless gloves! Obviously, I am partial to cute little animals (did you see my new calendars yet?) but, also, it’s “Knit all the Things Season” and I think Pomber’s shop items fit my aesthetic perfectly, don’t you?

The maker behind Pomber, Olivia Kovács talks a bit about her creation process in the featured seller interview and this photo really struck me:

Look at the adorable process work in that notebook! I LOVE seeing process work. And I’m quite obsessed with my notebooks. I’ve got stacks and stacks of them. So, while I was reading the article, Olivia immediately felt like a kindred spirit.

So far, I have knitted 2 cowls. They were both for myself, mind you…but I have plans to gift a few…really…I do. I plan on knitting up some fingerless gloves (or arm-warmers, if you prefer) as well. Well, I hope everybody has a good weekend and that those up North without power can get some relief soon. My heart goes out to the many that are suffering.

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